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Even if you have been trying for months or years and nothing has worked, this is for you.

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I'm Piper, the Naturopathic Mama

Are you ready to reduce your child's tic symptoms naturally and finally have a child who feels confident?

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It breaks your heart to watch your child struggle and you feel helpless. 


The truth is out: searching Dr. Google on treatments for tic disorders or shooting in the dark and trying magnesium for tics is an ineffective strategy.
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No one understands more than I do! 

What started out for us as a neurological tic diagnosis quickly spiraled out of control! We ended up with a long list of symptoms and diagnoses from sensory processing to lack of focus. We tried 8 different doctors and 10 different prescriptions, it was obvious that the conventional approach was failing us. I spent endless nights researching natural ways to heal my son’s body which eventually led me back to school. After relearning everything I thought I knew about health and wellness I was able to create a plan that worked for the individual needs of my son. Now, I help family’s just like mine to gain control of their child's tics using food, functional lab testing, and natural approaches.

Dr. Piper Gibson, AHND, TND, BCDNM
Tic Disorder Strategist & Educator

I came to see Piper about a year ago because my son’s tics were getting more severe by the day. She had us go on an elimination diet and also had us do a variety of tests including genetic and gut tests. When the results came back she thoroughly reviewed each finding and put us on a protocol. Within 8 weeks my son‘s tics were 90% better and are still substantially diminished almost a year later. Piper was an amazing resource for information and she was really great about tailoring the protocol specifically for us. For instance, my son has a hard time taking pills so she was able to give us recommendations for creams that had the same effect. Piper was amazing to work with and we are so grateful that we came to her to help with my son’s tics.

- Annie, Ca


Helping families all over the world reduce their child's tic symptoms naturally.

The Road to Recovery Plan

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I know what you are thinking...

✔️What if the tics get worse

✔️I can't watch my child suffer any longer

✔️I'm tired of ignoring it 


Let me ask you something...

How much time, money, and energy have you already wasted looking for a solution to your child's tics/PANS/PANDAS? 


Imagine what it would be like to feel confident and knowledgeable about what is going on in your child's body


How would you like to have a child who feels in control and at home in their own body?

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 ***I am NOT a Licensed Physician.  This program is NOT a substitute for medical care.  No recommendations in this, or any other program offered, are for the treatment, management, or prevention of any medically recognized condition.  All clients are encouraged to meet with their physician prior to engaging in any lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, or supplementation changes, and for any other concerns. DOCTOR is defined as a teacher. A DOCTOR and PHYSICIAN are NOT the same. I do NOT practice as an MD or an OD (both physicians).