15. Ayurveda: What it is, and Why it is Important with Ayurveda Wellness Expert, Sharon Niemi

Season #1

Today my guest is Sharon Niemi. Sharon considered herself to be one of the lucky ones. She has two passions in which she is an expert: the first one she found early in life; Quality Engineering which she spent decades focused on how to make things better faster with the least waste and effort. The other passion she found later in life; Ayurveda ~ the science of healthy longevity which she has now spent the last fifteen years dedicated to helping and teaching others how to improve their quality of life, naturally. 

She is even more fortunate now to have found a way to combine these two incredibly unique and powerful sciences into one synergistic system of health and healing. This integration revolutionizes how to approach wellness and weight loss so that you can experience healthier faster and live a healthier life ever after.

If you are ready to transform your quality of life for good, Sharon can show you how to set your weight loss on autopilot, reduce the effects of aging on the body, and experience transforming, health impacting, lasting results with so little effort.

In this episode:

  • What Ayurveda really is and why it is important 
  • Sharon’s personal journey to healing her body with ayurveda
  • The connection of Yoga and Ayurveda.
  • The history of ayurveda and its ancient history. 
  • The three doshas: vata, kapha, and pitta
  • How to maintain your health with ayurveda
  • How Ayurveda can be applied to children on the spectrum
  • Signs that you are not actually digesting your food. 
  • The foods you need to eat are based on ayurvedic healing.

Key quotes from Sharon Niemi:

  • “Yoga is the sister science to Ayurveda.”
  • “Ayurveda says that the body is able to sustain a healthy life for 120 years if it is maintained correctly.”
  • “I couldn’t take it, and something inside of me said ‘no’ there is something else that you can do.”
  • “Ayurveda found me.”
  • “It's not ‘you are what you eat,’ it’s ‘you are what you digest.”
  • “I help women who are just like me, struggling in corporate America and needing a way to find their health. Naturally.” 


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