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14. Clean Eating & Confidence in the Kitchen with Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Kristy Baranovskis

Season #1

In this episode, I am speaking with Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Kristy Baranovskis. Kristy helps women develop the skills they need to lessen the overwhelm in their fridge, consciously make healthy choices, & gain confidence in the kitchen!

With 18+ years of experience in meal prepping, it has become a huge part of Kristy’s life. She is so incredibly passionate about dedicating herself to helping other moms like her increase their confidence and reduce stress in their own lives. She wants to provide women with strategies and tools so they can spend time with their families; doing things they love instead of stressing over what they will be making for dinner.


In this episode:

  • How Kristy began her healthy lifestyle. 
  • Kristy’s relationship with food and how she used to comfort her rather than to fuel her. 
  • Helping women gain confidence in the kitchen.
  • Healthy recipes and how to find recipes. 
  • Simplifying the kitchen.
  • Helping your children build a healthy relationship with food 


Key Quotes from Kristy:

  • “Food brings me joy.” 
  • “The kitchen is a very scary place if you are not used to being there.”
  • “There is so much information, and it is so important to give yourself grace and just simplify it.”
  • “Even having a starting place is relaxing and less overwhelming.”
  • “Give yourself grace.”


Connect with Kristy:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kleaneatingwithkristy/

Website: https://www.kleaneatingwithkristy.com/

Connect with me:

Subscribe and connect with me https://regenerating.health

Schedule a Consult Call: https://www.regenerating.health/book-an-appointment-2


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