12. Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification with Autism Specialist, Luminara Serdar

Season #1

Today we are being joined by Luminara Serdar. Luminara is an Autism Recovery Expert, using science, nutrition, and energy medicine. She helps parents find the root causes of autism and provides strategies to change the undesirable behaviors and spur neurological growth, by shifting what’s going on inside the body.

Although autism recovery is her specialty, she helps others through chronic issues using the same proven breakthrough technology she uses to help those with autism become more connected, happy, and independent.


 In this episode:

  • Draining and detoxification 
  • How Luminara’s journey started by her trying to cure her allergies with neuromodulators
  • Beneficial side effects of neurmoducation on children with autism
  • Statistics on children with chronic illnesses
  • Since children are our future, Luminara wants to help them.
  • The conventional approach to autism vs where we should be looking instead
  • The disconnect of medical doctors with lymphatic drainage 
  • What lymphatic drainage and how to help the liver.
  • How our organs can be in an endless loop of toxin spreading. 
  • Dietary changes can help with drainage and detoxification. 
  • How to gently remove toxins to build the foundation of a healthier life. 


Tweetable moments:

  • “Kids are our future leaders.”
  • “Our lives are very overworked and overwhelmed.”
  • “If the draining system isn’t open, we are not letting the toxins out.” 
  • “If we give our cells the energy they need, we can pull toxins out.”
  • “If you take the junk out of your diet, you are taking the curdles out and things can happen as they were meant to naturally.”
  • “Autism recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.”


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