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11. Healing from Betrayal Trauma with Relationship Coach, Mr. Jay

Season #1

Have you ever felt lost, confused, unlovable, out-of-touch, angry, or on the verge of losing it all or yourself? Changing all this is as simple as picking up your phone.

Today my guest is Mr. Jay. Mr. Jay is a Betrayal Trauma Practitioner and Intrapersonal Relationship Coach. He holds a master’s degree in education, is ministry-credentialed, a certified special education teacher, an author of a children’s book, “I Am Loved Right Where I Am”, a veteran of the United States military, an inspirational public speaker, adoptive parent and much more.

He decided to become a Relationship Coach because after learning how to love himself, be his biggest advocate and celebrate ALL of who he is, he realized that he was his own first client.  Unlike many other coaches he did not simply go through a short rough patch. Growing up was an endless uphill battle of tests and trials, struggles and challenges and where obstacles and defeat were his two best friends. 

Through many years of therapy, tapping into his faith, self-examination, endless podcasts, books, hard work, and determination he found his true self and gained a whole new perspective on life. Now, he helps others do the same only without all the time, heartache, and expense.

In this episode:

  • The trauma that Mr. Jay experienced 
  • What betrayal trauma is and how Mr. Jay began studying it 
  • How to develop self-love 
  • How to come up with a unique healing plan
  • How to become your own best friend and biggest advocate. 

Tweetable Moments:

“I use my past trauma to relate to people now.”

“The relationship with ourselves sets the tone and standards for the relationships around us.”

“If you don't learn from your trauma, you never heal.” 

“You can't give the benefits of all of you to others if you are suffering .”

“Other people give us pain, we give ourselves suffering.”

Connect with Mr. Jay:

Website: https://mrjayrelationshipcoach.com/


Connect with me:

Subscribe and connect with me https://regenerating.health

Schedule a Consult Call: https://www.regenerating.health/book-an-appointment-2


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