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7. A Holistic Approach To Trauma with Spiritual & Holistic Lifestyle Coach Gina Newton

Season #1

Gina Newton is a holistic, spiritual, trauma-informed coach that guides you to heal both physically and mentally. After spending over 20 years in a high stress career, Gina found herself in deep physical pain and out of alignment with life overall. After having been recommended a highly invasive surgery by 4 different doctors, Gina’s path to healing both physically and spiritually evolved. As a result Gina is no longer in physical pain.

Through her business, Holistic Healing with Gina Marie, Gina works with clients to release old/trapped energy from within the body to bring her clients back into balance energetically. This is through a combination of both physical and mindset healing work.

Gina offers three different levels of coaching packages in addition to viritual/in-person Reiki, Physical Energy Training Sessions, and Private, Individual and Group Yoga experiences. She’s primarily focus is reconnecting mind & body and building strength both physically and mentally. Gina is of the position that to be well, you need to care for the entire person in mind, body & soul.

In this episode:

  • Understanding how trauma can cause physical pain 
  • The power of your mindset on not only your mental health, but also your physical health
  • Tips for reconnecting your mind and body
  • How to change your thoughts in a way to improve your body

Tweetable moments: 

  • “When we heal our minds, the body heals as well”
  • “Not everything requires medication or surgery to heal. Many times we can do self healing through natural means.”
  • “A lot of people struggle with mind-body connection because they don’t love themselves.”
  • “Your body can become a graveyard of self limiting beliefs and toxic thoughts.”


Connect with Gina:

Website: http://healingwithgina.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Gina.M.Newton/


Connect with me:

Subscribe and connect with me https://regenerating.health

Schedule a Consult Call: https://www.regenerating.health/book-an-appointment-2


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