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Looking back, my son's tic symptoms started long before he had a tic. When I look back from the second he was born. I can begin to put it all together and see why we ended up where we did. The day he was born, he had low blood sugar, and the very first thing that the nurses did was give him sugar water instead of bringing him to me for breastmilk. The best way to prevent low blood sugar in babies is to provide them with breast milk. He was born C-section, which means he missed all of the essential microorganisms in the birth canal, but the very first thing he was exposed to was sugar. Sugar is inflammatory, it has no nutritional value, and it causes inflammation. Breast Milk is full of antibodies and high levels of secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) to protect your baby's gut, plus it helps to kill off viruses and bacteria. We off to a great start!

He was jaundiced from birth, and we had to have bilirubin lights brought into our home so...

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Screen time is toxic! It’s not just the toxicants in and around our homes but electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure can be toxic too. We have also seen an increase in screen time usage in kids and the ADDICTION IS REAL!

Screen addiction is becoming more and more serious and is not something to be taken lightly. Screen addiction is very real and can make you anxious or cause you to lose focus on things that are so much more important than that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp update that you checked five seconds ago.

OR the endless XBOX video games and YouTube videos that your kids are watching.  

Screen addiction can harm your mental health, personal health, and social relationships, even potentially causing you to fall prey to depression or anxiety.

Not only that increased screen time may be related to increased symptoms of ADHD, tics, and Tourette’s.

If you are reading this blog, you may have already experienced some anxiety or bad days due to your screen...

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Glyphosate was found guilty by a California jury for causing cancer in a school groundskeeper, who was repeatedly exposed to it in his line of work.

Glyphosate is the primary ingredient found in a pesticide known as Roundup, made by Monsanto, and it’s the most heavily used pesticide in the U.S.

The good news is…

This verdict was a big win in relation to raising awareness around how pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals deemed to be “safe” are actually harmful to our health.

The bad news is…

Every year more than 250 million pounds of Roundup are used on conventionally grown U.S. crops and in other places around the world.  As a result, Glyphosate has been found in all levels of the food chain including water, plants, animals, and even in humans.

It has even been found in some organic foods due to water runoff and cross-contamination.

As a chemical, Glyphosate has been classified as a carcinogen, meaning it causes cancer, and as an...

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