Four Ways Your Gut Can Impact Tic Disorders

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2022

Want to have a calm confident child?

It’s heartbreaking to see your child suffer.

I’ll show you how the gut and the brain are connected and how this is another piece of the puzzle impacting your child’s tics.

I’ll show you how my clients connected the dots and figured out what was at the root of our children’s tic disorder so that they were able to:

l👀 See our children finally take center stage in their life and do all the things that they had been missing out on

💔 Mom is able to reclaim her own life and finally break up with the late-night internet searches

🪜Stop shooting in the dark and trying every pill, potion, and magic bean to having a step-by-step data-driven plan based on their unique child.

In this Tic Talk I’ll show you:

Why taking a deeper look at the gut is important

Why the gut impacts the brain

The 4 major connections between the gut and the brain


Tic Disorders Cheat Sheet

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