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Rerouting Tic Disorders

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2023

This week we are talking about Rerouting Tic Disorders.

What is rerouting and how can it help

What clues in your child health history can tell us
Is there a connection to tics and the current map you are using

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Tic Disorders and Full Moon

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2023

Lets get woowoo! This week we are talking about the full moon!

Doe the full moon impact Tics

What clues around the full moon might tell us
Is there a connection to tics and the full moon?

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Rethinking Tic Disorders - Why Conventional Methods Fail

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2023

A tic disorder diagnosis is like a bomb for a parent's soul; it leaves you in pieces, and you don't have any clear direction about what to do next.

Doctors often view tic disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome as neurological issues stemming from neurotransmitter imbalances or flawed brain signaling. The conventional approach to treating tic disorders typically involves medication to suppress tics or behavioral therapies to reduce tic expression. While these interventions can provide temporary relief, they fail to address the root causes driving the problem[1][2].

Tics and other involuntary movements do not arise randomly or in isolation. They are outward manifestations of deeper imbalances needing attention. When we only medicate the outward symptoms, it is like plugging leaks without fixing the cracks in a dam. We may temporarily reduce tics, but the underlying issue remains unaddressed[1][2].

This conventional approach also puts unrealistic expectations on children to constantly...

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Alternative Therapies

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2023
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Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection: How Diet Impacts Tic Disorders

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2023

Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection: How Diet Impacts Tic Disorders

For children with tic disorders, every parent asks the same question: What in the world is causing these debilitating symptoms? Though tics involve the brain and nervous system, emerging research reveals another influential factor - the gut. 

Studies tell us:

  • One study found that 84% of children with tic disorders also experienced chronic abdominal pain and other GI symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and constipation (1).
  • Research on PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections) indicates that 95% of affected children suffer from GI complaints (2). PANDAS is believed to be a subtype of OCD/tic disorders.
  • Some experts estimate up to 90% of children with tic disorders and related conditions like OCD have some form of GI or microbiome dysfunction contributing to symptoms (3).

I bet your doctor never told you any of this. Am I right?

The gut and brain intimately...

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Tic Disorder Treatment

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2023
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Managing a Tic Disorder

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2023
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Tic Disorders and the Spectrum

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2023
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What Causes Tic Disorders

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2023
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Vector Borne Illness and Tic Disorders

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2023

This week we are talking about Vector-Borne Illnesses

What is a Vector-Borne illness?

How Vector-Borne Illnesses can impact our health
Is there a connection to tics and what does this mean for you?

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