Learn the three secrets we use to help families ditch the frustration and overwhelm of going from doctor to doctor and never getting any answers to their child's symptoms. 

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Witnessing your child grapple with a tic disorder and its associated symptoms can be heart-wrenching. The feeling of helplessness as they lose control is something I've personally experienced. That's what inspired me to establish Regenerating Health, offering a holistic approach to tic disorders.

Our mission? Dive deep into the root causes of these symptoms and empower families with knowledge. Over the past decade at Regenerating Health, we've dedicated ourselves to understanding this disorder and aiding families in alleviating their children's symptoms. My vision is for every child to experience peace and regain control over their body, ensuring that tics and health challenges don't overshadow their potential. I've designed a fast class to share our insights. Here, you'll be introduced to our three-step 'Kick the Tics Program', a blueprint to help families recognize, strategize, and manage tics, enabling children to feel more vibrant and confident.

Children shouldn't suffer, and merely masking symptoms isn't the solution. Being advised to overlook or merely accept your child's challenges is akin to neglect. Let me guide you towards a brighter path. Join our fast class, and together, let's help your child flourish. Reserve your spot below. Your future self will thank you.

Take the class and find out how your family can Kick the Tics! 

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This is the ONLY solution to get to the bottom of your child’s tic symptoms. The Roadmap to Recovery equals unparalleled support and insight into what is really happening inside your child’s body.


My Foundational Method that helps clients break up with the internet and finally have a clear data-driven action plan based on their unique child.


The Restorative Rescue Strategy that helps you create short and long-term goals that allow your child to finally take center stage so that you can reclaim your life.

Take the class and find out how your family can Kick the Tics! 

Get instant access to our framework

Meet your Host

Hi! I’m Piper Gibson

Mom | Triple Board-Certified Tic Disorder Expert | Founder of Regenerating Health

Most families come to me and have been through the wringer. They have been told to sweep their child’s symptoms under the rug. They have been told not to talk to their kids about their tics. Many are told there is nothing they can do, or they need a pill. 

We don’t do that here; we do things differently. 

We look beyond your superficial symptoms; we look beyond the brain. We make sense of what is going on deeper in the body. Then we’ll craft a plan to help your child flourish so they can take center stage and you can both have a fantastic life.  

What started out for us as a neurological tic diagnosis quickly spiraled out of control! We ended up with a long list of symptoms and diagnoses from sensory processing to lack of focus. We tried 8 different doctors and 10 different prescriptions, it was obvious that the conventional approach was failing us. I spent endless nights researching natural ways to heal my son’s body which eventually led me back to school. After relearning everything I thought I knew about health and wellness I was able to create a plan that worked for the individual needs of my son. Now, I help families just like mine.